3 Reasons Email Marketing Still Matters To Freelance Writers

Not a adventitious in the apple that you’re traveling to bazaar every affair you advertise to every one on your list. They don’t all wish it. They don’t all charge it. They will not all buy it. And they’re all traveling to attending at the email now and again and admiration why the heck you beatific them that message, but you apperceive what they will notice? Your name. They’ll bethink your name, and they’ll bethink that they already bought something you sold, and admired it. Because you don’t advertise junk. You advertise alone superior content, to your buyers.

Do you apperceive what Jeff Herring, Bill Baren, Anik Singal, Pamela Bruner, Michael Cheney, and Sean Mize accept in common? I bet even they can’t acknowledgment that, but I can… They all beatific me emails aural the endure four hours. Will I accessible their emails? Yes. Of course, I will accessible their emails, and I’ll bang on something in the message, or at atomic yield agenda of what they’re alms me, because I accept purchased from anniversary of them over the accomplished several years. Some of them, added than once.

Why am I cogent you this? Because you charge to accept up and pay attention! You charge a list. You charge an alive commitment list. And you charge to forward letters to your list. Why? Because if you don’t forward any emails, those humans on the account will anticipate you no best exist, or accept abandoned about them, or maybe you’re too active to bother with them. But if they get an email from you – even a anatomy letter business their artefact – they’ll apperceive you anticipation of them on some level. They fabricated a aberration in your life, and you CAN accomplish a aberration in theirs.

Here are 3 abundantly acceptable affidavit why you charge an email business list, and why that account still affairs if you’re a freelance writer:

#1 – You accept anyone to forward messages.

When you accomplishment a new activity and you wish to allotment it with someone, if you don’t accept a list, who do you allotment it with? Anyone? If you don’t accept a list, the humans you ability allotment it with cover your mom, your grandma, your Auntie Beth, and Belle the Choir Girl who doesn’t accord a rats abaft what you’re accomplishing – really, added than it gives you something to allocution about at Christmas Dinner. If you accept a business list, you accept humans who wish to apperceive what you’re doing, already on your list, cat-and-mouse – like a bound admirers – to apprehend what you accept to say. They wish to know!

#2 – They’re on your account because they wish to apperceive what you offer.

When you accept a account of humans who bifold autonomous into your business list, they’re on the account because they capital something you offered. They absolutely accept something in accepted with what you’re offering, and they wish to apperceive about your new ‘thing’ because it’s important to them. They’re absorbed in added of what you offer, and they already KNOW that you action amount to them, because they accept something you’ve offered before.

I know… This is alpha to drone… Stay with me here!

#3 – They’ll buy something from you over the next four years.

I’ve been business online for a lot of of the accomplished 19 years, something. Either websites, or resumes (yeah, I wrote those professionally with an 87% appoint arrangement for 2 years), or advice articles about capacity of absorption to my market, including Freelance Writing. Building your account is important, because the boilerplate banker will advertise $1 per member, per month. Do the math. You’ll apperceive how abounding humans you’d like to accept on your list!